At MATADOR Construction Services we can provide a variety of services to assist any Owner, Construction Manager, Contractor and Subcontractor. ​We can augment your staff, build and maintain and provide insight with scheduling. We can provide in depth experience to analyze any schedule and provide clear and concise feedback. We can provide quantity estimates & budgets, and Schedule Integration.

Why Matador Construction Services:

· We Enhance Your Ability to Provide a Better Service to Your Client

· We Bring Added Value to Your Team

· Lower the cost of your Services by Outsourcing

· We use the Latest Technology in Scheduling

· SBE/WBE/DBE Certified in California

· Able to meet Insurance Requirements

· Experienced, Seasoned and Talented Team


Our Commitment is to Provide the latest Technology and Outstanding Services at Competitive Prices


“ Our firm has worked with Matador CS on several schedule extension requests. Their professionalism, knowledge and experience continues to be of great value to our firm. We have recovered dollars on projects with significant delays without using expensive legal costs. Matador Construction Services straightforward approach has proven to be successful for us."
- Raymond P. Lytle - Director of Operations - Sierra Lathing Company,Inc


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