Prima Vera Scheduling Consultants near Los Angeles, CA

Monthly Schedule Updates

Our belief is that accurate schedules that truly reflect the work are crucial to the project’s success. Not all project’s go as planned and we offer services that help your project get back on track.

· Our experience WILL help ensure your project’s success.

· One-on-one on-site schedule review

· Fragnet development with narrative included

· Schedule Impact & Delay Claims

· Float Trend Analysis

· Monthly detailed schedule narratives


"When Tri-Power Electrical has a schedule related issue on a Project Eric has proven to provide us with his knowledge to help us get compensation on dollars that we overlooked in the past.  We will continue to utilize their services. We consider Matador Construction Services part of our team. His approach has helped on challenging project to resolve losses."                                                                                                                      -  Ron Staley – Owner Tri-Power Electric                            

Baseline Schedule Development

We have over 25 years of scheduling experience ranging from theme parks, K-12 Schools, Universities and Prisons. We produce schedules that are easy to follow, clear and concise.  Our staff can work directly with your project team or furnish us with a set of Contract Documents and we can develop the schedule and review it in detail with your staff when complete.

· Complete Work Breakdown Structure

· Detailed Reporting

· Color Presentation Quality Schedule Graphics

· Labor & Cost Loading

· Cash Flow Diagrams & Analysis

· Complete Submittal & Procurement Schedule Included.

· Fragnet Development with Narrative Included

· Schedule Impact & Delay Claims       

· Commissioning Schedules

We can Provide Support for Your Team at any Point During the Project!


Scheduling Services

Schedule Claims Management

Sometimes even the best planned projects can encounter schedule delays and some  level of dispute.  Matador Construction Services can help by developing a claims management strategy that will minimize exposure and maximize recovery.   By utilizing our service and experience to understand claims from your perspective, we can help you achieve timely and cost effective dispute avoidance or resolution.  We have several years of experience, involving schedule impact claims primarily in the Public Works sector. 

By utilizing today’s software and our experience, we can provide in-depth schedule analysis, compare as-planned vs. as-built schedules. We carefully analyze the data and produce an end result that is clear and easy to follow  along with graphics and written documentation detailing the issues.